Aakatayi Telugu Movie Review and Rating 2017 – skip this one if you can…

Aakatayi Telugu Movie Review and Rating 2017

Cast: Aashish Raj, Rukshar Mir
Movie2Review Rating: 2.5/5
Release Date: 10 Mar 2017
Runtime: 2 hrs 31 mins
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Venkat Gangadhari
Editer: MR Varma
Production company: VKA Films
Directer: Rom Bhimana
Producer K R Kaushal Karan, KR Vijay Karan, KR Anil Karan

Aakatayi Telugu Movie Review and Rating 2017
Aakatayi Telugu Movie Review and Rating 2017


Aakatayi Telugu Movie is romantic-comedy as well as a thriller movie with a sudden twist in story when turn of events show a techy engineering student against the most dreadful terrorist. Aakatayi Telugu Movie shows a action-packed journey and he outsmarts his opponents with his technical power to foil the deadly plot that can kill thousands of innocents.


Vikranth (Ashish Raj) is a engineering student who falls in love with a girl named Anaga (Rukshar Mir). Vikranth’s life is changes once he comes to know about a shocking news about his parents through Anagha. Vikranth is in pursuit to find out the truth about his parents. Jahangir (Most wanted criminal played by Pradeep Rawat) enters his life and wrecks it totally. Rest of story is the shocking secret about Vikranth’s parents and why Jahangir enter his life………….

Aakatayi Telugu Movie Review or Verdict:

Skip this one if you can….

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