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Acharya Telugu Movie Review

Acharya movie chiranjeevi

Release Date : April 29,2022

Acharya Telugu Movie Review

Movie2Review Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan Teja, Pooja Hegde, Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sengupta, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani

Director: Koratala Siva

Producers: Ram Charan Teja, Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Cinematography : Tirru

Editor: Naveen Nooli

Acharya has been in the making for the last three years due to Covid. The film starring Chiranjeevi and Charan has hit the screens few days back. Let’s see whether it lives up to the hype or not.

Movie Trailer:

Movie Story line:

The film is set in Dharmasthali, a temple town. Basava (Sonu Sood), a former temple disciple, is now involved in a variety of illicit enterprises in the temple town. Acharya (Chiranjeevi) enters and begins a revolution against Basava. However, his visit to Dharmasthali has a purpose relating to Siddha (Rama Charan). Who is this Siddha, exactly? What is his relationship with Acharya? Who is going to save Dharmasthali? Watch the movie on the big screen to find all the answers.

Plus Points:

We haven’t seen Megastar Chiranjeevi on the big screen in a long time. His charisma, screen presence, and fire in his eyes are all present, and he delivers a strong performance. Chiru dances, fights, and speaks phrases superbly even at this age. His moving performance is the film’s biggest highlight.

Ram Charan is only improvising with each film, and Acharya is no exception. He appears serene as Siddha, a Gurukul youngster, but towards the end of the film, he has transformed into a mass avatar. The moments between Chiranjeevi and Charan are the main highlight of the second half, and they are wonderfully done by Koratala Siva.

Pooja Hegde has a small part but looks adorable.

Minus Points:

The film’s plot is one of its most significant flaws. Apart from the Dharmasthali setting, the core premise is the same old good vs evil cliches, with nothing new to offer.
The first half of the film is devoid of memorable scenes, and here is where the picture loses its way. Chiranjeevi, who is known for his exuberance, is featured in a muted manner and appears only during the songs and fights. To hype Ram Charan’s character, he has been kept quite bland and just receives his due at the end. The finale also appears to be rushed and forced, with insufficient meat for Chiranjeevi to go all out.

Another major flaw in the picture is the lack of a plot.


Overall, Acharya is a small town story with some touching father-son scenes. The setting is nice, but the narration is dull and does not engage the audience. There is little originality in the story, and the thrilling intensity that one expects from a Koratala film is absent. The regular audience will be dissatisfied by Acharya, but Chiranjeevi and Charan, with their chemistry and strong screen presence, will make the fans delighted.

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