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The Answer English 2015 Movie Review and Rating

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Movie Name:

La risposta sei tu-English

Alternate Name (if any):

The Answer

Date of Release:



Pavan Kaul


Swami Kriyananda

IMDB Link:


Production Company:

Kriya Movies


Leonidas Gulaptis, Victor Banerjee, Miriam Harris, George Stumpf, Sandey Lock, Davin Attia, Jyotish Atwell, Fredrick R. Bresky, Aura Calarasu, Julie Daniels, Kevin Gance, Joseph Michael Harris, Mason Kamb, Shanice Kamminga, Beau Marie

Duration or Runtime :


Genre (out of 10) :

Biography, Family, History

Movie synposis :

In the quest for finding a deeper meaning to life, this is a true story of an American seeker who forsakes the worldly life to enter upon an amazing spiritual journey of self realisation.

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