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Bhoot Unkle Hindi 2006 Movie Review and Rating

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Movie Name:

Bhoot Unkle-Hindi

Alternate Name (if any):

Bhoot Unkle

Date of Release:



Mukesh Saigal


Aneesh Dev, Rajeev Agarwal

IMDB Link:


Production Company:

Ikon Pictures


Jackie Shroff, Akhilendra Mishra, Dev K. Kantawall, Rasika Joshi, Sheela Sharma, Anurag Prapanna, Brij Bhushan Sawhney, Dinesh Kaushik, Shehzad Khan, Shallu Singh, K.K. Goswami, Sheena Bajaj, Jai Kanani, Mandar, Sagar

Duration or Runtime :


Genre (out of 10) :

Family, Fantasy

Movie synposis :

Geeta and her parents move to a small town of Hari Nagar where her dad has been appointed Principal of a school. During her very first day, Geeta finds out that her video gaming device has …

Movie Ratings (out of 10) :


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