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Bavagaru Bagunnara? Telugu 1998 Movie Review and Rating

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Movie Name:

Bavagaru Bagunnara?-Telugu

Alternate Name (if any):

Bavagaru Bagunnara?

Date of Release:



Jayant Paranji


Gopalakrishna Paruchuri, Venkateswara Rao Paruchuri

IMDB Link:


Production Company:

Anjana Productions


Chiranjeevi, Rambha, Rachana Banerjee, Paresh Rawal, Brahmanandam, Achyuth, Annapoorna, Jayaprakash, Satyanarayana Kaikala, Srinivasa Rao Kota, Nagendra Babu, Srihari

Duration or Runtime :


Genre (out of 10) :

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Movie synposis :

Raju, a restaurant owner in New Zealand falls in love with Swapna. Whilst visiting India, Raju saves Sandhya, a pregnant woman from committing suicide and decides to help her by acting as her husband for her family, until the baby is born.

Movie Ratings (out of 10) :


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